How To Order 4G Jio Phone At Rs 1500

How To order Jio 4G Phone 

Step by step Guide

jio Phone

Jio Phone is out for fulfilling the dreams of the people, the cheapest smartphone in India. After Starting A data war in India.  Jio Phone is launched in just Rs 1500. Jio phone sale starts from 24 August. It is hard to believe that how can they make a super duper phone in just Rs 1500, But they made it. Jio 4G phone provides us free calling, unlimited data browsing in just Rs 1500, With the fast browsing speed. jio Phone is best of now in just Rs 1500. We can book it into few simple steps.

Jio Phones is cheaper among all smartphones in comparison with features that they are providing.

Most important thing about this phone is you will get all your money back after 3 years of using this phone, That is really amazing.

jio Phone

The processor used in this phone Snapdragon 205 and it support download speed up to 150Mbps and uploading 50Mbps. It has memory card slot for expansion of Memory.


jio Phone

As it is a feature phone it having FM, Radio, Torch etc. It has a display size of 2.4 Inches. source


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