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Hey internet buddies… The title of this post seems to be weird. Because almost all started using internet using Google, so we have a fair idea about how to search on Google.By using this tricks we can do Google Advanced Search

Google search is probably the most simple way to search anything. Just put what you want in the search box. And Google will put thousands of website results about the ‘string of word’ you have searched for. Simply if that website has same string of word in that content. But still, sometimes you may have felt that Google is not showing what you are actually looking for. So Google Advanced Search helps you to get the exact search result.

If we change our way to search it will help Google to find what we want. It will also save our time. Google advanced search helps you for getting an exact result and it will save your time that you are wasting on reading unnecessary stuff in search of good content. Just by using some methods like using symbols on keyboard Google understands better what we want. So lets see some tricks that are used for Google Advanced Search.

Google advanced search is mostly used when we want search exact stuff.
  • Use ‘+’ sign in your search keywords. :- Suppose you want to search for Mercedes related to India or its manufacturing plant in India. Then simply put “Mercedes + India” by searching like this Google will show pages which contains both the keywords.Google Advanced Search


  •  Use ‘-‘ sign in our search keywords. : – Suppose you want to search for keyword Sachin. So obviously there will be most of the results related to “Sachin Tendulkar”. To skip that result pages you can use ‘-‘ this sign. Eg.   Search like “Sachin -Tendulkar” and all the results about Sachin Tendulkar will be obsolete from the searches.Google Advanced Search


  • Use ‘~’ sign in your search keywords. : – If you want to search for related keywords of what you are looking for. Then you can use tilde operator i.e. ‘~’. By using this sign search results will also contain the word similar to enter a keyword. For eg., if you want to search “Love” then by using “Love~” pages containing words such as affection, care will also show up.


  • Search that keyword in the specific website: – If you are willing to search something on any specific website. Then there is search option given for most of the websites. But some sites don’t support search option.


  • So you can use this way to search that keyword on that specific website Eg. If you want to search we_luv_bollywood on Instagram then use “ we_luv_bollywood” and results will be as shown below.Google Advanced Search
  • Search for the meaning of any word: –                                                                                                                                             Suppose we want to know the definition of any word then use “Define: ” before that word and Google will show all the pages which give the definition of that word. For eg. For finding the definition of “Hard Disk” type “Define: Hard Disk” and Google will show all the pages which define Hard Disk.


  • Most of the people are now searching via google advanced search tricks because there is a lot of unwanted stuff will be shown by Google during the random search.


  • For finding the String of Word as it is: –                                                                                                                                  Sometimes there is the need for finding the whole string of word as it is in the web pages. For doing so we can use the double quotes. Put double quote before and after of the string of words i.e. (“String of Words”). For eg. Searching for Digital Display word just type “Digital Display” and following are the results.Google Advanced Search


  • Use ‘*’ sign in your search keywords:                                                                                                                                     If we are searching for something but we don’t know more about that word then we can use asterisk sign and Google will show all the stuff related to that entered word.  We can avoid it by using google advanced search.For eg. If we search for friend* in then Google takes into consideration all the other word related to given word i.e. friends, friendship etc.Google Advanced Search


  • Use ‘?’ sign in your search keywords: –                                                                                                                               If you are not sure about the spelling of any word you are searching for then you can use ‘?’ sign for some missing character. Google will show results by considering best spelling match. For Eg. In case you don’t know the spelling of Hurricane then you can type “Hurr?cane” and Google will show the following result.Google Advanced SearchThis is how you can search smartly on Google by using these small signs and methods. Share your views and suggestions with us to improve. Google Advanced Search is very useful method Share this post with all your friends through FB and Whatsapp and let them know this interesting stuff of Google Search. Using this trick you can do the advanced search for images it will give you the exact result.
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