All You Need To know About Chocolate Ganesha

The  Ganesh chaturthi is festival of love ,enjoyment and joyness. We all are trying to celebrate it into a different way but there are some peoples who seek opportunity to deliver something back to society. We prepare bappa from clay but that pollutes environment. Have you heard about chocolate ganesha ??

 The man Harjinder Singh Kukreja is the owner of a bakery Belfrance situated in Ludhiana .He invent idea for ecofriendly clebration of Ganesh utsav that is Chocolate Ganesha the it is made up with 100% Belgian Chocolate.
Chocolate Ganesha

 The main thing is that he is going to immerse it into milk at the time of Ganesh visarjan.  Hajinder singh owns a bakerey  named Belfrance which is situated in Ludhiana. Lord Ganesha is  Riding  motorcycle and  3.5 ft long and weighs 45 kgs.

When asked about idol Lord Ganesha Harjinder said it took a team of 4 chefs who worked for 10 days, gave 8 hours daily to prepare such Masterpiece.

Chocolate Ganesha

Chocolate Ganesha
 We all are almost moving towards Eco-friendly  idols of lord Ganesha but chocolate Ganesha is the preetiest one . We can conserve our nature through doing such different activities.

What after immersion of idol Ganesha into milk ??

After immersion of Chocolate Ganesha into milk it turns into milk shake and which later on distributed to the poor children. This novel idea of harjinder boost spirit among us to do something good during such festival of emotions and enthusiasm.


 His act covered a lot of appreciation from the all sides of society. This man spread the happiness among the all poor children and became the reason behind smile of all of them.
Chocolate Ganesha
 “Just  think we made a idol Ganesha from chocolate and we are not going to cut it.”   We just immersed it into milk respectfully without any pollution by maintaining ecosystem with spreading joy Amazing.
   Hats off to the man for celebrating festival of joy in amazing manner.

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