5 ways to Get quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important thing in the SEO. It is quite difficult to drive more traffic without quality Backlinks. Here are some simple ways to find backlinks for your website.


Here the  5 ways to build quality Backlinks

1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is an effective  way by which we can drive a lot of traffic on our blog/ website. To create backlinks through guest blogging is not as much difficult.

The guest posting is an Important and easy way to drive more traffic to your website.The first thing You should do is find the websites for guest blogging, Find topic related to your article and then post your blog. The important thing is that your post should be genuine so readers will attract toward your post and you will get the voracious readers. The important thing you should always choose a site which has high domain authority for getting Seo Backlink which drives more traffic your blog.

2. Document sharing sites

Another great way to get quality backlinks to your site is by submitting your articles to the document sharing websites.

You can also prepare the ppt and .pdf files of your articles and share them on websites like SlideShare. But you should entitle your websites/blogs link insides documents. This method of driving traffic is trusted by Google.


3. Commenting

Many people do not prefer usually commenting as a way to get quality backlinks but I am telling you 100% the commenting works for building backlinks. But you should avoid the spam comments like “Nice post”.

The important

Do follow links are useful to drive traffic

No follow links are useless to drive traffic


4. Press Release

Another great way to get quality backlinks to your blog is by using press release websites.

If you do it properly then you will surely get a lot of traffic from the press release sites because they share there content to the various small websites.

But you should sure that your content should be of the best quality so your task getting easier. You should have linked your website in the body of your content so visitors will automatically give credits.

5. Link Exchange

It may the old fashion but this thing still works, through link exchanging you can drive more traffic. Be sure to have a separate website where you should put the others, people, link.

So you will not be penalized by search engines.


I can assure you by following this method you can increase your traffic. I hope this Tips will answer your lot of questions like “how to build quality backlinks”, ” How can I create backlinks”. I am always here to answer your question comment your questions below so I can answer them quickly.

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