5 Jobs That can’t Be Replaced By Automation

Automation !!!

The automation always leads to the development but at the same time, it is very harmful to the conventional jobs. The boom of automation is on the peak nowadays because of the world is an open market, And everyone wants to grow into it.

In order to capture the market we must need the automation but at the same time must think about the training of the people who are doing the conventional jobs.  In this article, we are going to discuss some careers that are “automation proof”. The recent study shows that there are some Careers that are “future proof” and we must have to know about them as we are entering into the edge of Automation.

As per the worlds, number one job site indeed reports there are some Careers that are in high demand nowadays and are “future proof”.


The People around the world always enjoy tasting the new food of all the types. They are always in search of new flavors. We should know there are a lot of people who love cooking and as a career, it is a good option.

Without the chef who is able to taste the food and what invention has to to be done that is only known by the chef.


Obviously, robots won’t able to do such job because it includes the manual skills and creativity inside it.

In India, the chefs are in demand with around 10% and it is huge and the Indian chefs are in very high demand outside India.


In this sector, the critical thinking is an essential part along with the new ideas in order to acquire market. So the machines are not able to this tasks because we are not doing it with the virtual world so these areas remain unaffected for by the automation for a long while.



So the creativity of this field remains future proof.

Education and training

Teachers are always in high demand because it is always better to learn something from a person who teaches us in his own language. As per the indeed, the teacher’s vacancy is increasing in the US by 5% in last two years.


Lots of children are migrated from various countries so it is quite difficult to convey the knowledge. Teachers are the great source of information and if students have some query’s  human teachers can resolve these issue clearly. So it is hard to replace a teacher with the robot.

Cyber security expert

A recent study by the famous job portal indeed says that there is the highest number of opportunities for the cyber security expert will need to the world.
Nowadays the demand for this job is three times higher than the professional’s available. Best thing is the robots will not taking these jobs away from people very soon.

Data scientist


According to Indeed, there is an increase in the percentage of people searching job in this field. These jobs are not easily taken by the robots because the human being can implement his scientific knowledge to find the stories hidden in masses of the data which is very useful. So these job is future proof. Automation will impact job market but it also helps to grow the world. These jobs are future proof and safe from the impact of automation but we need to improve our skills to sustain in this market.

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